Building a Recruiting Strategy: The Forgotten Work that Helps You Stand Out

Fall recruiting has been a whirlwind. With the current state of the world, what is next is unclear.  On-campus recruiting is likely to continue, but how do you optimize this and ensure you are doing the right things to land your next role? Spoiler alert: it isn’t resumes and cover letters.  Instead, it is getting clear on your strategy, before you move to execute and put yourself out in the marketplace.  

Taking the time to understand where you thrive, aligning that to your own career goals, being clear about what you bring to the table that differentiates you in a crowded marketplace, which companies you want to target, and what your timeline for getting there is are all the steps many students miss.  Doing this strategy phase is time well spent.  It will allow you to be intentional and put your plan into action in the most efficient, honest and successful way. 

Schedule an appointment with your career coach in Handshake to discuss your career path, your targeted employer list, and build your recruiting strategy.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center