Developing a narrative that helps you stand out

The world is changing and the employment marketplace is crowded with lots of talented individuals.  So how do you stand out and get noticed?  

In business school, you hear often that networking is a life-long skill for business and employment opportunities.  It is a critical part of professional practice.  The key to developing networking capability is being able to tell your story in a way that is relevant to your audience and shows your value proposition. This requires some discipline, practice and getting feedback from others to hear how it is landing. 

When introducing yourself to an employer, it is important that you share not only your experience, skills and abilities, but also what differentiates you from others in a compelling way.  Composing a unique personal narrative that shares what makes you a valuable candidate and leaves the listener wanting to know more about you will lead to greater opportunities. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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