Informational Interviews: How do you get started?

In business school, the informational interview is talked about often.  Students are encouraged to leverage alumni and individuals whose careers have already launched. They have experience, have been in your shoes, and were likely given the generosity of informational interviews when they were in your position.  They have many stories to share and can help shape your understanding of companies, industries, and job functions–hence the name “informational” interviews. 

Trying to find people to speak with for an informational interview? In this contracted job market, we all know that networking/relationship building is what is going to help you gain visibility, and even tap into opportunities that are not always posted on traditional internship/job posting sites.  

Informational interviews serve a multitude of purposes; to determine an educational direction, to help define a career path, or to help build a network for career connections. Once you define what the purpose of the meeting is, reaching out in a professional and clear way will help you secure what you need. 

See the resources below and make an appointment your career coach in Handshake to learn more about how to source, outreach, manage meetings, and follow up.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center