Integrating keywords into your resume to rank highly in ATS systems

When you submit your resume to an online job board or company website, 90% of large companies use an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to analyze and rank order resumes.  This machine learning is in place so that the human, hiring professionals can optimize their time and review the most promising applicants first.  

If your resume isn’t customized for each job for which you apply, it likely won’t be seen or considered because the ATS will eliminate it from being seen.  Effectively tailoring your resume for each specific job will help you be recognized as a top candidate and increase your chances of receiving an interview invitation. 

To rank highly, integrate as many keywords and qualifications from the job description as possible into your resume for each job, and then use a resource like  to check how likely your resume is to get noticed.  

See the resources below to help you with this and schedule an appointment with your coach here in Handshake.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center