Securing opportunities eligible for OPT

At ASU, we know that our international students have come to look for new opportunities in a new country.  Many factors impact your search, with OPT and the visa process being a hurdle.

OPT can be utilized in many ways beyond traditional internships and full-time jobs.  Students who limit themselves to traditional opportunities typically take longer to start working and gain less experience than students who pursue additional options.  With graduation quickly approaching, thinking creatively will allow you to start gaining valuable work experience, and stop accumulating unemployment days, sooner. The following resources provide strategies on how to position yourself in the market and secure a job while on OPT.  

Work with your career coach to discuss the best strategies and options for you to think creatively about how to maximize your OPT; schedule an appointment today in Handshake.

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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