When your career plans change: how to make a quick pivot to a new opportunity

You may have spent the summer working in a position you thought would translate into a full-time job, or that the fall season would have netted you a role but alas, you never actually received an offer. That is ok.  On campus is only one way to source and land your next job and launch your career.  

At this point,  you need to pick yourself up and refocus your career strategy. (Learn more about how to create your career strategy here, which is the first step.) Meeting with a coach to talk through what’s next and to set a clear goal is the work that needs to happen.  We know it can feel overwhelming, and would be easier to sit behind your computer to look for jobs to apply to; we know this is frustrating and overwhelming and can leave you feeling like you are reacting versus taking control of what is next for you.  

Employers are focused on hearing about the experience, what you learned, new skills you gained and how you are going to use that experience moving forward, but it is your task to develop your personal narrative to speak to what happened. With this in mind, it is important to spend time reflecting on your internship experience and practicing your new narrative, while also updating relevant application documents.

Check out these articles and begin to outline an updated narrative.  You can, also, schedule an appointment with your career coach here in Handshake to discuss how to approach your job search.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center