Your internship just became an offer to return for Full-time. Now what?

For many companies, the internship is a pipeline to test talent that comes into their organization, and, hopefully, the internship leads to a full time offer.  It is an exciting and rewarding part of any internship program.  By properly managing the offer process, you can set the tone for affirming you are a young professional and set up how your reputation within that company will launch. 

If you get an offer, it may be difficult to sift through all the variables impacting what decision you should make.  Taking the time to evaluate if that offer is right for you with your career coach, or other trusted advisors, will help you decide if you want to accept, negotiate, or decline the offer.  This offer evaluation can happen without another offer to compare it with; the decision-making process focuses more on if this is the best role for you and not on which is the better fit.

Have questions about a job offer? The  resources below will help you develop your approach to managing your job offer and to ensure proper reputation management. Be sure to make an appointment with your coach to work through the specifics here in Handshake.

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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