Before jumping into resumes and cover letters, do this.

Career Management is a lifelong process, and building your professional capabilities while in business school will help you navigate your entire career. Successful career management begins with developing a strategy that involves taking time to look backward and forward, so you can set a specific career goal that is attainable and fulfilling. Taking the space to explore and think about the life and professional experiences you have had up until this point is an often overlooked first step.

So how do you do that? Before sitting down with your coach, complete a mind map.  Mind mapping is an effective way to pull together complex and complicated thinking into one simplified place. Creating your own personal map and thinking about your experiences, motivations, and strengths that made you who you are today will help you to see a holistic image of yourself and gain an understanding of how you can confidently engage in the employment market and communicate what you bring to the career landscape.  

 Do not overlook this important first step and complete your own personal mind map followed by an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss your progress

Personal Mind Map 

How to Use Mind Mapping to Manage your Career

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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