Spring Semester Career Reset: Time to revisit your CAP

Your Career Action Plan (CAP) is a foundational component of your career journey at W. P. Carey.  The work you do with the CAP, though, isn’t meant to be completed and set aside.  It becomes an evolving guide to help you navigate your career and achieve the career goal you set for yourself. 

As the spring semester starts, it’s important to revisit your CAP to keep your career journey progressing forward. 

  • Revisit your goals.  With what you’ve learned and the experiences you’ve gained, do these still best reflect your career direction?  If so, what confirmed these?  If not, how have they evolved?
  • Update your action plan.  What have you accomplished already?  What detours have you taken and how has that kept you moving forward?  What needs to be added to your action plan?
  • Align your actions.  How do your actions of today align with your long-term goals?  This could span from the classes you register for, the career events you attend, and the individuals with which you choose to network.  Intentionally create alignment between all your decisions. 

As you revisit your Career Action Plan, schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to talk through your goals and solidify your plan.

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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