Get yourself ready for proactive offer management

In your academic program, you are honing your critical thinking and decision making skills. These will serve you as you face challenges and make choices throughout your career. Making career decisions has a number of reasons why it can feel difficult: it’s personal, it can impact future opportunities, and sometimes employers ask you to do it on a tight timeline.  

Some things to keep in mind when faced with a time sensitive offer are doing what is best for you long-term, while also maintaining your reputation as a professional, business minded, and courteous future employee. Taking a proactive approach to offer management will help you maintain composure and stay true to these goals.  

Having a plan in place to assess offers and make decisions will help you navigate your relationship with the employer and affirm your reputation as a market ready and prepared candidate. Similar to the job search, making a decision starts with your targeted career strategy. By researching your market value and market trends, understanding how the opportunities align to your career goals, and knowing your influential factors, you will be able to navigate the pressure of the decision while maintaining your relationships and reputation. 

Review the articles below for recommendations on how to make strategic career decisions on tight timelines. Make an appointment with your Career Coach today to develop a decision-making strategy for current and future offers and to discuss how to manage these conversations. 

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