Do you have access to the hidden job market? Why a Networked Job Search Strategy is Advantageous

Business students can use three different channels to secure a job or internship offer: on-campus/global recruiting, just-in time recruiting, and a networked job search.  Networked job searches are important because they allow you to gain access to opportunities that may not be publicly posted.  Leveraging relationships to uncover hidden postings is an additional way for you to maximize your possibilities while looking for the right role.

A networked job search isn’t a fallback or failure, but a strategic component of your career search strategy, especially now as the spring semester starts.  Taking the time to build relationships with individuals within your target firms and/or industries can pay off; remember networking is about the long-game.  Set realistic expectations for your networking strategy and invest the time and energy required to find success.

After leaving business school, this is the most likely way you will continue to source opportunities, whether internal or external to the company you are with at the time.

Set up an appointment with your Career Coach through Handshake to talk through your strategy to incorporate networking into your search process.

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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