Mastering Handshake’s Virtual Fair platform for recruiting success

In today’s market, companies are using virtual recruitment such as Handshake’s Virtual Fair platform, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Whatever the platform, your ability to connect with employers through individual or group sessions allow you to gain additional insights about the employer, demonstrate your interest in the company and the roles, and differentiate yourself as a high-potential candidate.  

As a business school student, it is important for you to take early action so you feel confident navigating virtual platforms to successfully make a distinct, professional impression. 

As employers will typically connect with talent through Handshake, spend some time to update your Handshake profile, make your resume accessible and understand how to navigate the virtual fair features.  Highlighting key experiences, skills, and accomplishments is a good first step . To ensure you are ready when recruiting events become available, review the articles below to learn how to find and register for virtual events, as well as prepare for virtual recruiting conversations at W. P. Carey.  

Explore the events available via Handshake’s Virtual Fair platform proactively, and be sure to check if the firm is using this software or has provided a link to another platform.  Check early and be ready with any necessary technology.  Connect with your career coach via an appointment in Handshake to determine your strategy for navigating virtual recruiting events.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center