Tips to help you raise your video interviewing skills to the next level

1.    Prepare as you would for an in-person interview.

Just as you would if you were interviewing in person, research the company and role, rehearse your answers to typical questions, like “tell me about yourself” and “why should we hire you?” and plan to be asked if you have any questions (you should).  See what you should prepare in a great article published by The Muse here:

2.  Start off with a “digital handshake”

Don’t minimize the importance of making a memorable first impression before the formal part  of the interview begins.  See here:

3.   Use your face to show you’re engaged and powerful. 

Author of The Most Powerful You, Kathy Caprino, writing in Forbes:

4.   Make a human connection.

Lauren Landry writing in Harvard Business School Online explains “It’s not easy to connect with everyone, but it’s a crucial part of a virtual interview. You want the interviewer to be able to remember a personal story you told or a common interest you share. This is the best way to prevent yourself from blending in with the other applicants.” See the full article  here:

5.   Discuss the challenges of remote work arrangements and what you have learned to be productive.

According to Wharton EMBA Director of Career Management, Dawn Graham, writing in Forbes you will be asked this question to learn about “your leadership, creativity and adaptability during a crisis.”  See her post here:

6.   Check your body language.

Great advice here: Perhaps most frequently forgotten when nervous is that a warm smile goes a long way to become likable and someone others want to work with.

7.   Immediately follow up.

Within 24 hours of the interview, send a personalized email to each person you met.  Think of it as a chance to make your case (a bit more) in a memorable way.  Then within the next three days, send an email to the key hiring manager saying you have been thinking about the job/company problem, and have thoughts about it and how you can contribute.  See here:

Beyond B-School produced a video with advice to ace the video interview.  Watch Now.

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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