Avoid Missing an Opportunity- Leverage Company Career Pages!


Not all companies list their latest openings on job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed. It may seem simple, but forgetting to look on a company’s career page or assuming the job will show up in your online search can lead to missed opportunities. 

Once you have decided an organization interests you, keep tabs on their career pages for relevant openings. Some career pages will even allow you to set up alerts so you get notified when a new role is posted that matches your interests.  

Meet with your coach to develop a list of your key target companies. Already have your list? – Great, now go bookmark their careers page on whichever web browser you use most often. Make sure to check back regularly or so that you don’t accidentally miss an application deadline or new opening.

Build Your Employer Target List

How to Get Hired By Your Dream Company


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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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