I attended a career event – now what? 5 Ways to Maintain Momentum and Connections

Maintaining the momentum from an event with intentionality can help you stand out in a competitive market. As a business student, this is your opportunity for recruiters to start knowing our name, who you are, and what you will bring to their organization. This is key in getting your resume out of the pile and into the hands of a hiring manager. 

How do you do this? The key is to not let the connection and momentum end once you leave the Zoom room or walk out the door. Here’s how:

  1. Send a thank-you email 
  2. Connect on LinkedIn 
  3. Ask to set-up a virtual coffee chat
  4. Keep checking for opportunities
  5. Apply & let your contact know

You are not going to get a job by just showing up, so continue to act and maintain the connections you worked so hard to make. Meet with your Career Coach to understand how to take on each of these important next steps. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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