Recruiting policies and guidelines

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W. P. Carey Career Career Management and Employer Engagement strives to make the recruiting process as successful and seamless as possible for both our employer partners and students. This resource will help you understand our recruiting policies and guidelines. See more employer resources.

By understanding market needs and best practices across the university recruitment landscape, while adhering to the Principles for Employment Professionals of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), we have defined recruiting standards that ensure fair and equitable access to business school talent. Similarly, in our role creating access points connecting employers and students, we have a Student Code of Conduct outlining expectations of our students.

Recruiting Standards

Established guidelines for all employer recruiting activities permitted by Arizona State University ensure the quality of services offered and limit the risk to students, alumni, and other users. To be eligible to recruit at Arizona State University, organizations must be approved within the university-wide career management system, Handshake. These employer recruiting activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Hiring events and networking mixers, both virtually and in-person
  • Job and internship postings
  • Candidate interviews
  • Corporate information sessions
  • Employer tabling
  • Student clubs and organizations activities
  • Online workshops or webinars
  • Resume books, profile searches, and students messaging

To participate in employer recruiting activities, employers must meet the following basic terms:

  • Employers must be engaged in activities that are lawful in the state where they are performed.
  • Employers must have and use an established organizational email address and operational website.
  • Employers must have a complete and verifiable physical address that is non-residential where the work will be performed.
  • Recruitment for any position must relate to bona fide existing or anticipated employment opportunities for which reasonable compensation is offered.
  • The rate of pay for positions must comply with federal, state, and local minimum wage and overtime laws.
  • If offering an unpaid internship, the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines ( must be met.
  • The employer complies with all applicable federal, state, and local Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws (, worker’s compensation laws, workplace safety and unemployment insurance laws, according to the jurisdiction where the employment is offered.
  • The employer does not have any substantiated claims from peer institutions related to, but not limited to, fraudulent behavior, misrepresentation and/or bait and switch tactics.
  • Employers must not exhibit or engage in unprofessional or inappropriate behavior, or behavior that is not deemed unacceptable by Arizona State University while recruiting on-campus or virtually.
  • Employers must agree to adhere to the standards of ethical conduct and practice outlined by NACE and detailed by Arizona State University.
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