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Coordinating interviews with Career Management and Employer Engagement is strongly encouraged to ensure a successful interviewing experience. Whether you wish to interview candidates virtually, on site at your organization, or on campus at W. P. Carey — we are here to support you by coordinating all of the logistics, communication, and scheduling. See more employer resources.

Take action in Handshake

Whether you are hosting interviews through W. P. Carey or on your own, submit your interview information through Handshake to confirm interview dates, share your interview schedule, and submit job descriptions.

It is strongly recommended that all first-round interviews be hosted through W. P. Carey to support with scheduling candidates and managing your schedule, which will allow for the best opportunity to optimize communication and limit potential conflicts.

If you choose to do your own outreach and scheduling, please provide us with a copy of your finalized schedule and interview logistics. In addition, if you have any student cancellations or interview no shows, please be sure to contact us immediately. This will assist Career Management and Employer Engagement in working with students to manage their schedules and expectations appropriately.

Best Practices

  • In order to ensure students are well prepared for their interviews, we recommend a reasonable amount of time for students to select interview time slots and manage potential scheduling conflicts. Not only are these timelines necessary from a logistical standpoint, they also help to ensure that the time your team spends interviewing candidates is well spent.
  • Students are expected to provide both the employer and W. P. Carey Career Management and Employer Engagement with a minimum of 48-hours notice if they will not be accepting or participating in an interview, regardless of the reason (e.g., personal/medical or if they have already accepted an offer).
  • An open line of communication throughout the interview, offer and evaluation process is important to both the employer and student. As a general guideline, we ask that companies establish and maintain, at most, a four-week window of communication with candidates throughout the process.

For step-by-step instructions on hosting interviews through Handshake, check out these resource articles:

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