What does it mean to be “career ready”?

Employers look for candidates who can demonstrate knowledge of formal education gained by obtaining a degree.  But we know that a credential is not enough to stand out from your classmates.  Giving thought to the relevancy of your skills as it relates to the position’s day to day work, the company’s strategic goals and the industry that they are a part of.

Our advice is that you consider how you can demonstrate skills and abilities that can lead them to a successful transition into the workplace by looking carefully at the roles you are applying to and working with a coach to clarify how you will write about them in your cover letter, talk about them while networking and in your job interview.  Because of the current emphasis on remote work, be sure you are prepared to be entering a virtual work environment, as well.

Come in to see a coach for help unpacking the kinds of jobs you are interested in.  Read the following resources to understand what it means to be career ready, what are those competencies, and how to develop them; schedule an appointment today in Handshake.

Are You Career Ready?3 Things That Will Make You Successful as a Remote Worker


By April Patten
April Patten Content Consultant April Patten