Do you know your value proposition?

Knowing your value proposition and what unique qualities you bring to the table can be a daunting task. Employers usually understand that college students may have limited work experiences. However, do not undersell yourself. You have more leadership and transferable skills than you think!   

Are you part of a student organization? Have you worked on a group project in class? Did you play sports? If so, you have likely built up many skills employers will want to know about when considering you for a position.  Leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills are valued by employers and always included in the top 10 attributes of what employers seek in a candidate’s resume (NACE Job Outlook 2021 Spring Update). 

Before you can articulate your value proposition, you’ll need to take inventory to see if you have the skills it takes to be successful and map out your plan to differentiate yourself as a top candidate. Remember that soft skills are important too, even in technical roles! Once you inventory and add to your skills, be sure you incorporate them into a narrative that helps you stand out

Check out these resources to get started and schedule a meeting with your career coach to map out your strategy to understand and communicate your value proposition.

Crafting your Career Story

Developing Skills

Career Readiness Competencies

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