Case Competitions: What are they and should I participate?

Case competitions provide an opportunity to apply what you have learned in your courses in a tangible way. Teams of students are given real-life business problems to analyze and find solutions for in a short time frame ranging from hours to days. As a team, you then present those solutions to a panel of judges, showcasing your business knowledge.

There are many benefits to participating in case competitions as a business student; you’ll be able to apply the skills you are learning in the classroom, practice working in a team environment, and present to industry professionals who serve as judges and can be valuable contacts for networking. You will also gain insights into current business challenges at top companies and enhance your analytical skills. You can even list case competitions on your resume!

There are opportunities to participate in case competitions through student organizations, employers, and national organizations. For more information on case competitions and their benefits, schedule an appointment with your career coach here and read the articles below.

Case competition tips and examples

Preparing for case competitions

Why joining a case competition kick starts your career

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