Do you have a mentor?

Being able to navigate a complex and constantly changing business landscape is an essential part of your career journey and progression. While critical, this skill may not necessarily be taught in a traditional classroom.  We know that having a mentor can provide you with different perspectives and help you to navigate this landscape. 

The ASU Mentor Network provides ASU students and alumni with a powerful online network of diverse mentors who are alumni or industry professionals.  Before you start reaching out, define your career goals and set expectations of what you are looking for in a mentoring relationship. This can guide you in finding a mentor that is a good match and fits your needs.

Arrange an informational interview for the initial meeting, which can evolve into a mentoring relationship over time. Once you identify who you want to contact, write a meaningful outreach message for the best chance to get a response. Once you have secured an informational interview, be sure to prepare ahead of time and manage the meeting to demonstrate your professionalism and competence. Continue to develop this relationship by following up after the meeting.      

Review the articles below and schedule an appointment with your career coach to get started. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center