Make the Most of Your Internship

If you have landed an internship or short-term professional experience, congratulations! Internships are a great way to build upon your business knowledge and apply it to a real world setting. Your internship will help you further narrow down ideal industries and functions you enjoy and help launch your career. In order to make the most of the experience, it is important to:

  • Exude professionalism and executive presence by dressing appropriately, arriving at the office on time each day, following through on commitments, meeting deadlines, demonstrating a strong work ethic, and remaining humble with an eagerness to learn, receive feedback, and strive for continuous growth. Doing so will help you establish a strong professional reputation.
  • Clarify  expectations with your manager by checking in regularly to ensure you are on track to meet the goals the organization has set for you.
  • Build relationships with fellow interns and full-time staff at the office by networking. The relationships you forge now will continue to serve you well throughout your career. Be sure to make maintaining these connections a priority

Check out the links below for additional tips and schedule an appointment with your Career Coach for added support in making the most of your summer internship. As you near the end of your internship opportunity, be intentional about wrapping up

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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