Agency or Brand-Side? Finding your fit


Within marketing, there are two distinct spaces in which you can pursue a career – agency or brand-side (sometimes referred to as in-house). Each space has unique attributes, and understanding their differences can help you identify which might be the best fit for you. 

A marketing agency is “a company that serves other businesses in one or more areas of marketing” (DigitalMarketer, 2020). Companies will outsource some of their marketing needs to agencies to gain that agency’s expertise or extra support. Key attributes:

  • Multiple diverse clients/brands
  • Typically very fast-paced environment
  • Variety of projects
  • Potential to work with many different industries

Exploring a career brand-side means working for a specific company within their in-house marketing department. Key attributes:

  • In-depth focus on one brand within one industry
  • Opportunity to develop deep knowledge about a specific target audience
  • Continuity at a steady pace

Both spaces provide great opportunities to grow as a marketer and develop your career – one is not ‘better’ than the other. What is important is identifying which type of environment you will thrive in most and connecting that to either brand-side or agency. Once you determine which space you want to pursue, you can dig deeper into the specific market through market research

Check out the resources below to gain more insight into the differences between agency and brand-side work. You can also schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to talk through your options!

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