Build your network before you need it!

As a business student you’ve had exposure to employers during recruiting fairs, but what if those interactions didn’t result in an offer? How might you re-strategize and leverage your existing contacts, as well as build new relationships, to create advocates capable and eager to open doors for you?

From our experience it’s best to start networking early in your career search. It takes time to expand your network, build trust, and mature relationships to the point that they are comfortable putting their reputation on the line for you. Putting in the work to build a solid network early on is key to converting your contacts into referrals ready to give a personal recommendation with confidence when you need it. 

Leveraging your Linkedin connections and writing effective networking emails that result in new relationships can also land the bonus benefit of access to the hidden job market

Check out these articles and think about expanding your circle now so you are ready when an opportunity arises. You can also schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss how this fits into your networking strategy.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center