Use Handshake Filters to Curate the Right Roles for You

Handshake has thousands of positions listed. Maximizing your time requires you to filter them quickly so you can focus on opportunities aligned with your career goals. 

Sorting the postings in Handshake might seem intimidating, but did you know that you can utilize Handshake filters to sort opportunities by industry, job function, company, work authorization requirements, and more?  Understanding how to maximize the search features in Handshake will allow you to locate new opportunities and positions that you might not have found otherwise, as well as avoid wasting time on jobs that aren’t a good fit.  

Remember, it’s important to have a clearly-defined career goal to best leverage the Handshake filter function and curate a relevant list of opportunities. Work with your Career Coach to maximize your searches in Handshake and understand how to most efficiently identify firms aligned with your goals. Schedule an appointment today!

Leveraging Handshake Job and Internship Features

How to Help Students Filter for Jobs in Handshake

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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