Impress with Virtual Professionalism


As a business student at W. P. Carey, you already know the importance of professionalism and executive presence, but do you also understand how this extends to the virtual space? Building strong relationships can be challenging virtually, but the most successful students take the time to ensure they are able to connect authentically as well as influence and impress across virtual platforms. 

When preparing for a virtual interaction, set yourself up for success by considering the following:

  • Are you wearing attire that would be appropriate if the meeting was instead held at the office? 
  • Is your camera angle showing a well-lit and organized workspace, background and view of your face? 
  • Did you check all technical settings prior to the meeting to ensure audio and video are functional well?
  • Are you making eye contact and does your posture and body-language reflect interest and engagement?

At W. P. Carey you will have the opportunity to practice while interacting with professors, participating in networking, taking part in employer events, and interviewing virtually. You have the ability to manage your own reputation, so make note of the aspects you need to polish in order to improve your professional presence in the virtual environment.  Consider making your next coaching appointment a virtual one and asking your coach for feedback on your professional presence.  You can also use Big Interview to practice, as well as get tips by reviewing the articles linked below.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center