Wrapping up an Internship? Here’s what comes next . . .

Congratulations on nearing the home stretch of your Internship! 

We know that students who reflect on the experience they gained as they near the end of their internship are better positioned to express all they have accomplished. This is especially important for students looking to make a pivot into a different industry or function.

Employers will soon ask what you learned and what skills you gained or refined during your internship. Get ready to answer confidently! Inventory and catalog all new skills, experience, and accomplishments, and begin infusing them into your written documents and online profiles by:

Doing so will set you up for success as a strong candidate in a competitive market.  Check out the below articles as you begin to tailor your communications.  You can also schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss how to approach your revisions.

How to Evaluate Your Internship Experience
How to Add Internship Experience to Your Resume
How to Write About Your Internship Experience in a Cover Letter

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center