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Good manners and professionalism go hand in hand.  One of the ways we see students forget this, and damage their own reputation, is when they do not honor the commitments they have made to an employer.  Sounds serious right?  It is.  You are making  commitments to employers when you say you will do something:  show up to an event, scheduling an interview, accepting an offer.  All of these are times you have noted you will take an action and they are expecting you to follow through on your commitments.  

Fulfilling your commitment to employers is the foundation for establishing your professional reputation.  It will serve you while in business school and throughout your ENTIRE career.  Know that your reputation follows you throughout your career; being mindful to respect the commitments you make to employers will help you to establish a positive foundation for that reputation.

We know that sometimes these situations can be difficult to navigate on your own. Your career coach is a fantastic resource to assist you through these moments.  Schedule an appointment with your career coach in Handshake to discuss this topic more.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center