How to incorporate DEI into your resume

The resume is a key document employers rely on to gauge the cultural awareness, values, and skills of candidates.  Emphasizing what you have gained from your experiences on your resume is a great way to show companies that you support the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion and align with their hiring initiatives. 

In their article Showing Diversity and Inclusion on Your Resume, Grammar Chic provides  suggestions on how to do this well, which include highlighting your work with diverse teams, volunteering, serving on committees, doing community outreach, soliciting feedback from people who have varied backgrounds, and considering different perspectives. Some additional experiences to consider including would be studying abroad and joining multicultural clubs and organizations. Studying abroad demonstrates your ability to collaborate with diverse populations, while joining multicultural clubs and organizations shows your commitment to engaging with groups that support diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Consider these possibilities as a starting point as you begin to evaluate and consider what to include from your own unique experiences.  Take a look at this example of a resume with DEI integrated as inspiration on what changes you might make to your resume to highlight your own values, awareness, skills, and commitment to DEI. Your Career Coach is here to assist you as you fine tune your resume and is available for appointments and drop-ins for quick questions. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center