Project, product, and program management. What’s the difference?

At W. P. Carey, many students express interest in project, product, and program management opportunities. While these titles sound similar and often have a few overlapping job duties, these three roles are distinct and have their own unique characteristics. We know that it’s important for students to be able to understand what a position entails before they can determine whether or not it is a good fit for their skills, interests, and long-term career plans (think back to the Market Research pillar of the Career Management Model), so we found some resources that do a great job highlighting the similarities, differences, and salary variations between the three. Check them out below!

 The Difference Between Product, Program, and Project Management

Product Manager vs Project Manager vs Program Manager Explained

 Here’s a basic rundown:

 Project Managers work on short-term projects that have defined objectives and deadlines by executing the strategy set by another team and mitigating risks.

  • Product Managers are in charge of one product that is ever-evolving based on how that product is performing in the market and customer needs.
  • Program Managers oversee multiple projects that are aligned to meet a long-term objective that supports an organization’s goals.

 If you still are unsure which path might be right for you after checking out the resources above, schedule an appointment with your Career Coach! 

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