Incorporating identity into your personal narrative

In business school, we often discuss the importance of telling your story via a compelling personal narrative. We understand that students come from a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds, and identities. Aspects of your identity to consider may include sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and gender identity. Ask yourself: does any facet of your identity inform your job search strategy, or the type of work you would like to do? If so, it is important to strategically incorporate your diverse experiences and identities into your personal narrative to ensure you are targeting firms that value them.

When considering how to appropriately incorporate identity into a personal narrative, consider your goals. In what type of culture would you be most successful? Are you looking for a firm with established diversity & inclusion programs and initiatives, or would you thrive helping to build diversity & inclusion programming in a firm that isn’t there yet? Once you answer these questions and understand the message you want to deliver, you can authentically and professionally weave the values that serve these goals into your personal narrative.

Work with your Career Coach to understand how to strategically incorporate your identity into your narrative to serve your career goals. Schedule an appointment today in Handshake, and check out these resources:

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center