Pivoting careers? Read this.

Career pivots, such as transitioning to a new industry or job function, can be challenging – especially if you are changing multiple facets of your career at once (like pivoting to both a new industry and a new job function.) If you don’t reflect, research, and test the waters before diving headfirst into job applications, your message may not resonate with the audience you are hoping to attract, and landing the job you want will be even more challenging. 

It’s important to develop a strategy for your job search. Highlighting transferable skills on your resume, working on closing any skill gaps, and networking with people in your chosen industry or job function are three important steps to successfully pivoting your career. We use a Career Management Model to provide a framework for how to get started once you have identified that you are interested in pivoting your career. The model will help you get clear about your next career goal, develop a plan for communicating that goal through your personal narrative, networking, written documents such as resumes and cover letters, and interviews, to ultimately get the job you want. 

Review the career management model below and then schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss next steps and any questions that come up.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center