Understanding Hiring Timelines in Marketing

In marketing, the job search timeline looks different than other business functions (ex. accounting), and even deviates based on subfunctions within the field (ex. sales vs. content marketing roles). If you are feeling behind in your search process or confused about when to begin searching, understanding your target market will help you gain clarity. 

There are a number of factors that influence when employers hire for certain roles, such as business needs and ability to forecast future openings. In sales, there are often set programs in which employers bring in a cohort of entry level employees all at the same time in predictable cycles. This is why you will frequently see multiple sales roles open in the fall with start dates in the summer.

For non-sales marketing roles, we know these are posted in more of a ‘just-in-time’ window, meaning they are posted in close proximity to when a new position will be available or once an existing position is vacant, and with a greater sense of urgency. Accordingly, the best time to apply for these roles is as you approach your availability to begin working–typically mid-spring for May graduates.

Understanding the recruiting timelines for the role(s) you are targeting allows you to craft a strong strategy around your search process, know when to anticipate openings, and prepare for opportunities proactively. Work with your Career Coach, consult with industry professionals, and review the resources below to confirm you are on the right track. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
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