Use Handshake to follow-up with your new connections


Did you make any connections at the career fair? Now that it’s over, how will you keep in touch? Maintaining professional connections may seem like a bit of a challenge, but Handshake makes it easy!

With your Handshake account, you can keep your connections alive. Staying in the know and following up with employers may lead to that job or internship you are seeking. Take the following steps to maintain your connections:

  • Follow them on Handshake: Go to your favorite employer’s Handshake page to follow them for updates on new jobs and internship opportunities as well as upcoming events.
  • Apply to an open job or internship: Submit that application! If you had a conversation with a company about a specific role you want to apply for, complete your application through Handshake.
  • Send a thank you note: Ask for the employer’s direct contact info during your meeting. Be sure to follow-up within 24 hours via email thanking them for their time. You can also express your interest in their company and future opportunities. Note that if you had a 1:1 session with an employer, you’ll also be able to message them directly within Handshake before and after your meeting.  Connect with your Career Coach before sending to ensure your message is professional and achieves what you intend!

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center