4 Possible Benefits of getting your Master’s Degree in Sports

As part of your strategy, have you considered pursuing your master’s degree in a Sports related program, or business function? Here are some possible benefits to consider:

  1.       Practice Real world application & Enter the Talent Pipeline

In graduate school, you are working on real projects, given by professional sports or athletic affiliated organizations. This gives you an opportunity to practice what you may be asked to do in a full-time position, while simultaneously solving an organization’s problem and providing an opportunity to network with potential employers building their pipeline of potential future hires. 

  1.       Attain a Higher Salary or Faster Growth

Having a masters may unlock opportunities to apply for positions that you would otherwise be unqualified for, or the ability to negotiate a higher salary.

  1.        Join a New Alumni Network

Upon graduation, you may gain easier access to top professionals in the sports industry if they also attended the program you graduate from.

  1.       Stand out against the competition

A master’s degree can give you a competitive edge. With stiff competition for many sports positions, having a master’s degree can help you rise above other candidates as employers filter down the pool of applicants and select top talent prospects with which they wish to move forward.

Have questions about pursuing a graduate degree? Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to determine if the above reasons and benefits are likely to apply given what you wish to accomplish, and check out these additional resources:

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center