Volunteering vs. Interning

Did you know that some of the best opportunities come from volunteering? Let’s discuss Volunteering vs. Internships.

  • Volunteering is donating time, without pay, to perform a service at a variety of organizations 
  • Interning is working in a formal position within an organization, most frequently for nominal pay

Internships can be very competitive, and if you do not have experience or a robust network, obtaining these coveted positions can be difficult. Volunteering can help you build up the experience and network needed to compete for future internships.  In fact, many internships have come from volunteer opportunities transformed into internships after candidates prove their value.

When looking for opportunities to volunteer, consider asking those you are conducting informational interviews with for suggestions. Be willing to try things you haven’t previously considered, and be sure to regularly check for volunteer opportunities. Here are a few starting points:

Volunteering will help you prepare for your official internship search by providing an opportunity to network while building soft skills and gaining experience. Schedule an appointment with your career coach to learn more best practices and find out how you can get started today. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center