W. P. Carey Alumni Share Advice on Continued Learning After Graduation

We asked W. P. Carey Alumni: How can fresh W. P. Carey grads continue learning after graduation?

Here are 8 ways they shared:

  • Learn from Your Network
  • Join a Local Business Community
  • Access The W. P. Carey Alumni Network
  • Integrate Professional Resources into Your Social Feeds
  • Follow Content from Others in Your Industry
  • Learn With Hubspot
  • Take Online Courses on Google Academy & ELVTR
  • Discover Relevant Spotify Podcasts

Learn from Your Network

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again – network, network, network! As a young professional embarking on a career in a field in which I had little experience, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I built confidence by educating myself on the industry and through getting involved in related organizations by attending presentations, panels, and webinars. The result is a network of my own with close contacts and multiple resources whom I can continue to evolve with and learn from for personal and professional growth.

Kalei Riggs, BS Business Communications & International Business Certificate ‘20, Relationship Development & Executive Associate at Cole Design Group

Join a Local Business Community

Startup Grind Phoenix, #yesphx, and other business communities are a great way to continue your education once you graduate. Joining a community within the field you are interested in and learning from peers helped me tremendously. Not only has it led to me getting hired but I have learned from industry peers how to be more successful within my role and field. Communities can be a catalyst for one’s career growth. As you can never underestimate the power of learning from others who have already walked that path.

Madeline Ulivieri, BS Business Communications & International Business ‘14, Global Community Manager at Startup Grind

Access the W. P. Carey Alumni Network

One way I have continued to learn and grow after graduating from W. P. Carey has been to never stop leveraging my network. I’ve built an expansive network and W. P. Carey enabled me to do so. Whether it’s potential job opportunities, learning a new subject matter or wanting to find a way to get invited to events that will help you grow – networking is key. I’m thankful for W. P. Carey and the network it has provided me globally.

Yasmine Higbee, BS Finance ‘17, Senior Consultant Deloitte

Integrate Professional Resources into Your Social Feeds

After graduation, I went into digital marketing and 15 years later have never looked back. Though when I was at W. P. Carey, there were no digital marketing classes and everything has been continued education. I had several key blogs that I used as my textbooks but today, there are so many options right in everyone’s social feeds. Favorite professional hashtags on Tik Tok, subscribe to an industry influencer on Youtube, or follow a reddit thread on your field. And if you can’t find anything in your space, start creating! Share your experiences and learnings and you might become the next influencer in your world.

Chris Weaver, BS Marketing ‘06, President at Desert Classic Digital

Follow Content from Others in Your Industry

Graduating from college and entering the workforce is a difficult transition for many new grads because “how” you learn is different. There’s no syllabus or textbook that shows you how to be successful after college. I’d recommend following 3-5 people that are around 10 years ahead of you in your field and learning from the content they publish online (e.g. LinkedIn posts, blog posts, Twitter, Slack & Discord communities, etc.). Learn just enough to take action and then learn by doing. It’s by far the best way to learn anything. I did this and was able to build two companies that were both acquired before my 30th birthday.

Cody West, BS Economics & Supply Chain Management ‘15, Head of Growth at Scribe Media

Learn With HubSpot

HubSpot is a resource that has helped me hone my digital marketing skills in an era where digital is more crucial than ever. HubSpot provides excellent FREE tools for anyone interested in learning a new skill or brushing up on old ones. It has given me the opportunity to develop new skills that have improved my work.

Manar Awawdeh, BS Business Management & BA Business Global Politics ‘16, Digital Marketing Business Manager at The KA Consulting Group

Online Courses on Google Academy & ELVTR

After completing my undergraduate degree at W. P. Carey, I continue my education in digital marketing through multiple online resources, as well as attending and most recently participating in conferences. Whether free or paid, courses through Google Academy, ELVTR, or other marketing platforms not only afford me education and expertise in my field but also widen my network and provide job opportunities by staying on top of new trends. Online courses have helped me to select a focus that I am most curious about and have guided my success in achieving marketing goals. The digital marketing landscape is constantly and rapidly changing, so it is necessary to be a student for life.

Simmone Fricchione, BS Marketing (Integrated Digital Communications) ‘18, Media Strategist at Digital Natives

Discover Relevant Spotify Podcasts

Spotify podcasts are my \’go-to\’ for continuous learning because they’re highly accessible, supply versatile topics, and allow for multi-tasking during a walk, drive, or taking care of tasks around the house. When I became a first-time people leader at work, I sought out podcasts that offered guidance on how to build and influence teams. 

Through these episodes, I gained insights on how to: Provide continuous feedback and guidance to direct reports, overcome obstacles as a leader, be a source of motivation, manage according to employee-specific needs, among many other valuable skills that I hadn’t directly acquired at that point. By choosing to invest in continuous education in a manner that makes sense for me, I aim to develop more well-rounded perspectives, enhance my interpersonal connections, strengthen technical skills, and provide myself with opportunities to learn through an enjoyable, stream-able medium. 

Megan Lynde, BS Marketing ‘18, Corporate Marketing Team Leader

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
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