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As a student in one of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs at W. P. Carey, you are gaining foundational business acumen with a breadth of interdisciplinary skills. With most BA business degree programs being broad, it can be challenging to gain a clear understanding of the job functions and industries you can pursue.  You may know that your degree can lead you to many different career paths, but how do you decide which one to target? 

A virtual work experience program is a great way to get a taste of the industry and what it is like at some of the world’s top companies including JPMorgan, lululemon, Accenture, and many more!  Start exploring now, so that you have time to clarify your goal and strategy before it’s time to apply for internships. Students who have a focus and know what they want to do with their degree are more likely to succeed in reaching their career goals.  

These virtual work experiences are company-backed online projects that you can complete at your own pace. Additionally, you can add your certificate of completion to your resume and LinkedIn profile for each experience you finish. Over 80% of ASU students who have completed a virtual work experience have indicated it was highly valuable, sharing feedback such as:

I found this learning experience tremendously insightful, engaging, and useful”

“Everything was clear and easy to navigate”

“I really liked how it took me through step by step. I am still in the process of learning python and how to implement it in the workplace and this program showed me how it is used.”

Get started now and you’ll be better equipped as you progress in your career journey! Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to talk through how to leverage these experiences to give you a competitive edge.

5 Ways to Leverage a Forage Virtual Work Experience for Career Success

What is a Virtual Work Experience

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center