How Networking Connections can Help you Navigate your Search

Every business student must explore the job market to visualize career opportunities, but sometimes, information is not easy to find. One of the most effective methods to get relevant information is networking.  Maintaining positive relationships with experienced professionals allows you to understand your industry, research companies, receive valuable career guidance, and learn about job opportunities. 

Effective networking can help you make key decisions, save time, and alleviate stress. Interacting with experienced professionals who can give you expert advice and recommend resources can make all the difference. If you don’t already have a network of valuable connections you can rely on, now is the perfect time to intentionally seek opportunities to expand your list of professional contacts. 

To get started, attend employers’ events, join student chapters of professional organizations, set informational interviews, and use social media.  Once you have built some connections through your networking, be sure to keep in touch with your network regularly, as you’ll need to make genuine professional connections that last. 

Read the following articles to expand your knowledge and set an appointment with your Career Coach to plan next steps. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
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