Your BA Degree Has Key Advantages

You are earning a BA business degree, which provides you with an expansive, well-rounded business education. With your BA degree, you have the option to explore career interests and classes outside of your core courses. Because of this, BA students are often more prepared to apply to a greater number of positions in different functions and industries while also possessing specific knowledge of business practices. 

Additionally, your degree allows you to build your “soft” skills through class projects and group work. Being able to articulate these soft skills to employers is crucial, as 98% of human resource leaders say soft skills are important for hires. In fact, soft skills make up most of the top skills that appear most frequently in job postings for top companies (including Apple, Amazon, and AT&T). 

Every degree type has its own advantages, and the key to success for BA students lies in your ability to articulate how your degree differentiates you and makes you a valuable asset. Meet with your Career Coach to discuss what you bring to the table and how to ensure employers are aware of all you have to offer.

Skills Employers Look for in College Graduates

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center