What does your personal brand say about you?

When you think of the term “personal brand,” what does it mean to you? Do you think of your mission, your goals, or what is posted to your social media sites? Everyone has a personal brand. You may or may not know the current story your personal brand is telling, but understanding the importance of shaping it as well as how to utilize and leverage it is critical. 

Done well, a personal brand conveys what you want to be known for and enhances your professional reputation.  The great thing about intentionally driving your personal brand is the opportunity to create and control the narrative and have a say in how you are viewed in the market.  A survey conducted by Harris Poll in 2020 found that 68% of employers use social media sites to research potential job candidates, so be sure your brand is carefully constructed on all sites where you could be found.  

Your brand can be a powerful tool that allows you to differentiate yourself from others, or the reason an employer decides not to pursue you as a candidate. Work with your Career Coach to better understand how to create your personal brand with the audience you are targeting in mind. Schedule an appointment today in Handshake, and check out these resources:

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center