Why highlighting your soft skills is important, even for technical roles

When you are interested in roles that require a significant amount of technical skills such as business analyst and technical product management roles, you might think that employers only care whether or not you can perform the technical components of the role.

However, employers (especially when looking for MBA-caliber talent) are searching for soft skills as well. If you don’t have strong communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills (just to name a few), employers may have concerns about your ability to work cross-functionally, to communicate technical ideas and processes to colleagues without a technical background, and to present well in front of executive or C-suite level leadership. 

The MBA program is a great place to further develop your soft skills, but you likely already have examples of times you have used your existing soft skills that you can work into STAR stories and reference in interviews. This will be key to showing potential employers that you are self-aware and understand the importance of soft skills in addition to being able to perform the technical aspects of a role. 

Meeting with your Career Coach to talk about your soft skills (and those you wish to further develop) is a great place to start. Schedule an appointment today and check out the additional resources below to learn more. 

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center