Are you an International Student? Use the Pitchfork Approach!

You may have come to the United States with the intention of securing employment here following your graduation. As an international student,  diversifying your job search will benefit your strategy. We encourage you to engage in what we call the Pitchfork Approach to open additional pathways to success in your job search. This approach includes searching for jobs in North America, your home country, and other countries. 

Learning about the market in multiple countries and competing for the right position will require a great deal of effort. The Pitchfork Approach ensures you don’t put all of your time and energy into just one option, as there’s no guarantee your first choice option will work out. 

Once you identify your career goals and develop a list of target companies, you will need to do some research to determine how best to utilize the Pitchfork Approach. First, you can try to find an American company with overseas offices, since that company may be accustomed to hiring and relocating employees. If your goal is to work in a specific country, you can also target international companies and pursue opportunities with them in your desired country as your first step toward that goal.

The W. P. Carey Career Services Center has international student resources on our website that can help you navigate the international job market. There, you will find Interstride, a platform with insights about countries, industries, and companies overseas, networking tools, and best practices. Make an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss how to apply the Pitchfork Approach to your job search, and check out the resources below.

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