W. P. Carey Alumni Share How They Maximized Their Time at W. P. Carey

We asked W. P. Carey Alumni: How did you make the most of your time at W. P. Carey to set yourself up for success after graduation?

Here’s how they recommended you maximize your time at W. P. Carey:

  • Attend Networking Events and Meetups
  • Learn All You Can
  • Acquire as Much Internship Experience as Possible
  • Form Study Groups in Your Classes.
  • Seize Opportunities and Challenge Yourself
  • Take Advantage of Mentorship at W. P. Carey

Attend Networking Events and Meetups 

I am really surprised more college students don’t go to local networking events. I attribute my success owning multiple digital marketing agencies to learning how to properly network at a young age. Sure I was awkward and had anxiety speaking with older business owners at first, but just like any other skill, practice makes perfect. I now absolutely love to go to networking events and local meetups. I get over 75% of my business through networking and referrals and it has helped me manage over $35 million of paid ads for 250+ clients. I graduated from W. P. Carey in 2010 with a business communication degree.

Jeremy Katz, BS Marketing ‘10, Marketing Crypto

Learn All You Can

If you can manage – take on another major or minor! Going into school, I had no idea what I saw for myself or my career and I decided on majoring in Finance. A Finance degree at W. P. Carey surely would have prepared me for my career if I had decided to go that route, but it only showed me one side of the business world.

After reading more into ASU’s Supply Chain program, I realized that not only could I learn a new way of thinking in business, but I could receive a world-class education in Supply Chain as well. Initially, adding more hours sounded tough (and it was), but looking back, it gave me the clarity I needed on where to start my career. If I hadn’t explored a new major, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to discover my interest in Supply Chain. Give yourself career options, it’s harder to go back to school once you’ve finished undergrad! 

Justin Larrea, BS Finance & Supply Chain Management ‘21, Ericsson

Acquire as Much Internship Experience as Possible

I know it feels like a no-brainer but internship experience is crucial for setting yourself up for success after graduation. Learning something in the classroom and then being able to apply it in the real world is what will help you grow the most. Having an internship while in school can also help prepare you for what it is like in a professional environment and you can decide what you may want/do not want from a future employer. Internships help build your skillset,  professional network, and resume!

Heather Assi, BA Business Tourism ‘22, Dutch Bros Coffee

Form Study Groups in Your Classes

Form study groups in your classes. You will meet amazing people you may not have crossed paths with otherwise. This will benefit you not only academically but in the long term professionally. I am connected with many former classmates on LinkedIn that I still associate with long nights in the library together. It may seem easier to work alone sometimes, but you will learn how to work with different people, find how people’s strengths/weaknesses can complement each other, and earn some better exam grades while you are at it. 

Kelly Molera, BS Economics ‘20, Aalto Capital

Seize Opportunities and Challenge Yourself

Finding your passion is a long-term project. Take on opportunities that are interesting and make sure you’re challenged and learning. Your first job out of college is not going to lock in your career trajectory, so just take your time and be mindful of your growth from one role to another.

Maggie Zheng, BS Logistics, Materials, & Supply Chain Management ‘20, Doorvest

Take Advantage of Mentorship at W. P. Carey

Make sure you utilize the mentorship W. P. Carey offers.  Learning in the classroom, while significant, is only a fraction of the learning opportunities W. P. Carey provides.  Each professor, and many of the other faculty members, have years of invaluable experience.

These mentors can help you navigate some of the more nuanced and unspoken rules of the real world that you don’t learn as part of the ASU curriculum.  Foundationally, these mentors are at W. P. Carey to watch you succeed in every area of your life. Seek out this mentorship and ensure you are tapping into the debatably most valuable resource W. P. Carey has to offer–its faculty.

Colin Quinn, BS Marketing & Management ‘18, Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara LLP

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center