W. P. Carey Alumni Share the Benefits They Received From Career Services

We asked W. P. Carey Alumni: What benefits did you receive from engagement with Career Services?

Here is what they shared:

  • Strategic guidance to understand career direction
  • Access to helpful people and resources
  • Support building relationships and networking
  • Job opportunities and the ability to compete for them

Strategic guidance to understand career direction

I put a lot of pressure on myself as a freshman to figure out my career path, even though I was just barely getting to know myself as a person, and so naturally I was very stressed! It was a huge comfort to have my Career Services mentor help me reflect on what I wanted to gain out of college and what my goals were for the next four years. She was a supportive figure in my life when I was figuring out what I wanted and getting to the heart of my dreams and aspirations, offering resources, encouragement, and even just a listening ear.

By inspiring me to see the bigger picture, I was able to realize that it wasn’t all about choosing the best COMs class or what electives I should enroll in, but rather about making connections, trying new things, and exploring my interests and myself as I grew and evolved. Her advice set me on the path to enjoying my college years and gaining more fulfillment from the experience than if I had focused solely on my degree.

Michelle Bolden, BA Business Communication ‘20, 10 to 1 Public Relations

Access to helpful people and resources

Career Services helped me network and connect with people and resources I wouldn’t have gotten any other way. Building relationships through that helped a lot with figuring out what classes I wanted to take and how to navigate college in a way that best served me. 

Matthew Coast, BS Business Marketing ‘12, Matthew Coast International, Inc

Support building relationships and networking

There is significant value to forging connections with company representatives from day one. For many freshmen, this can mean attending a club career fair and networking with organizations for which you have an interest in working for in the future. ASU’s career services team helped me forge connections with individuals as a new undergraduate. 

From hosting interview preparation workshops to supporting the development of my first “elevator” pitch, ASU’s career services team played an instrumental role in supporting the development of early critical relationships with organizations to more effectively accumulate internships as an upperclassman. Organizations will value the time invested in early networking. Even if you are the youngest person in the room, it is important to never be afraid of an introduction as it may be the most memorable interaction that that person has all day.  

Julia Mionis, BS Supply Chain Management & BS Business Data Analytics ’20

Job opportunities and the ability to compete for them

Career Services at ASU helped connect me with excellent potential employers looking for future employees with my major and skill set. I appreciated my senior year was filled with opportunities to interview with high-caliber companies on campus while providing interviewing support such as potential interview questions, resume writing tips, and professional dress recommendations. With so many potential industries and career paths, being directly connected with companies looking for supply chain management students helped me not become overwhelmed with options and graduate with a great job already in hand. 

Elizabeth Hair-Estrella, BS Supply Chain Management ‘04 & MBA with Supply Chain emphasis ‘11, Sysco

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center