Why it is important to choose a function as early as possible

Finding the right job when you graduate starts with choosing a functional area in which to focus early on in your college career. Bachelor of Arts majors do not have an implicit function attached to their major, so the earlier you begin to explore the function of business you desire to work in the better. Don’t know where to start? Review the W. P. Carey Business Functions Map in your first and sophomore years to explore the different functions of business. 

Employers prefer candidates who are seriously interested in the jobs/internships they are offering. They look for candidates who can articulate the direction they are wanting to take throughout their career journey and how their role will get you there.

Register through our website to the numerous workshops, panels, and employer events that W. P. Carey offers throughout the year and conduct market research to explore your functional options. The sooner you start exploring your opportunities, the more prepared you will be to pursue them.

Need more clarity? Learn more below and set an appointment with your Career Coach. 

15 Examples of Business Functions with Definitions

Learn about functions aligned with your major 

Watch testimonial videos of professionals working in different functions

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
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