Under the Radar Ways to Target a Company in Your Job Search

The company you want to work for is looking for you. That is the nature of the contemporary job market and it calls for a different approach for the job seeker. Now you can find the company you want to …

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8 Body Language Tips for Your Next Job Interview (Because It’s Just as Important as What You Say)

There are several steps to nail when it comes to landing your dream job, like polishing your resume and perfecting your cover letter. Once you make it to the interview stage, give yourself a brief pat on the back, but …

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3 Pieces of Interview Feedback Hiring Managers Will Never Give You

In conversations with hiring managers over the years, I've heard repeatedly that although there are a lot of great candidates out there, many don't know how to interview effectively. I've also heard that there are a few common interview mistakes—like …

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The Art of Small Talk

Engaging professionally and initiating small talk is an important career capability. As a business student, you will have the opportunity to engage in small talk regularly and in a variety of settings, including formal career networking events, business meetings, conferences, …

By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center
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Your Checklist for Nailing Your Next Panel Interview

You’ve been invited to a second round of interviews for an exciting job opportunity. When you’re given the details, you see that you’ll be interviewed by four people at the same time. It’s a panel interview. 

This interview style can …

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Ten Tips for the Virtual OCI Process

By now, you're a skilled sailor in virtual seas. You've attended classes, social events, and panel presentations through Zoom and have customized your workspace for optimal connection and participation.

You may also feel comfortable with the concept of a virtual …

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The Big Post-Covid Interview Question You’re Not Expecting—Plus, the Right Answer

For many people, the past year has been among the most difficult of their lives. But for others, including branding and marketing expert Vince Thompson, it's been the exact opposite.

“This has been the greatest year of my life,” says Thompson, the …

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7 Skills to Set You Apart in the Remote Work Environment

The joys of working remotely — especially if you're lucky enough to work from home. Your commute from the bedroom to the living room, dining room, or wherever you've set up your home office takes seconds and you're ready to go.

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Not Sure What You Should Be Making at Your First Job? Here’s How to Figure Out the Right Number to Aim for

Launching your career by landing your first full-time job can be thrilling, but there might be one small thing you’re not so sure about as you wait to hear the words, “You’re hired!”: Money.

How do you know what to …

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How to Answer “What Are Your Career Aspirations?” in an Interview

When you’re in a job interview, a question like “What are your career aspirations?” could catch you off guard. You likely prepared to answer common interview questions about your past experiences and whether you have the skills needed for the …

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