The Essential Guide to Negotiating a Job Offer

Your contract with a new employer defines your position, earning potential, and career trajectory within an organization. It attaches expectations to the role and establishes your position within the corporate hierarchy. From the job title to the compensation package and …

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Ice Breaker Questions | How to Check In During Meetings

Many of us live in a world where meetings reign supreme—particularly now that many of us have switched to working remotely. For some of us, constant meetings can seem like overkill, but when done well, they offer important opportunities for …

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“You’re on Mute” These Are the Most Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make During Video Interviews

Since the pandemic began, video interviews have transformed the hiring process. And while this technology has the potential to streamline the interview process, reduce costs, and broaden the candidate pool, it is also fraught with challenges and hurdles.

In the …

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The 8 Negotiation Skills You Need—Whether You’re Job Searching or Not

Let’s say you’re conducting a job search and aiming for an annual salary of $100,000, but a company you’ve interviewed with offers you $87,000. You could grudgingly accept it, walk away, or try to negotiate.

You decide to negotiate and …

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Why Hiring Managers Ask About Your Career Goals

I constantly make hiring decisions. One of the critical questions I ask as the closure of the interview is – “What are your career goals?” 

The answer to this question reveals a lot about a candidate. For example, one time …

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Professional Presentation | How to Build and Share Your Story

Photo by Prostock-studio

Professional presentation—how you choose to build and share your professional story—is a major factor that can shape your career in the social-impact sector. Whether you are exploring pathways for growth at your current organization or seeking new …

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The Art of Discovery Questions in Hiring: How to Ensure you are Asking Candidates the Right Questions

Let’s face it: hiring a new employee is no small feat, no matter the size or sector of your business. It takes ample time, resources, and money to onboard new hires and integrate them into your organization’s operations. In fact, …

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Here Are 15 Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired—and How to Fix Them

Job searching is a grind. And the longer you’re at it, the worse it seems to get. It can be so discouraging to put yourself out there and get rejected over and over again or be met with radio silence.

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The Number of High-Paying, Remote Jobs Has Grown Fastest in These Industries in 2020 and 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees, businesses, and industries to go remote on a large scale for the first time. And if you were one of these employees, you may have started to question the need to be physically in …

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What the Great Resignation Tells Us About Our Flawed Work Culture—and How We Can Reimagine It

In the middle of the pandemic, Kiera Virgo, 30, was working 40 to 65 hours a week in the corporate project management role she’d been at for six years, while also taking care of her infant. Virgo had joined the …

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