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Alumni Career Management

Throughout your career, we’re still here.

W. P. Carey Career Services Center is here for you for the life of your career. Our alumni career resources are tailored to meet you exactly where you are in your lifelong career journey. Here you will find ways to connect with our team, as well as curated career tools and resources to support your success. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals can also assist you with transitioning careers, creating career connections, preparing for a new position, recruiting at W. P. Carey, building a personal brand, and more.

How to log in and access your alumni career resources


W. P. Carey is pleased to provide you with exclusive career resources for ASU business alumni. Before you proceed, you will need an active ASURITE login. These university knowledge articles provide information to help you get started. Please call the UTO Experience Center for questions and assistance with this process.

Identify where you are today


Your ongoing success as a W. P. Carey graduate is important to us. No matter where you are in your career journey, we look forward to supporting your path forward. Consider your current needs and future wants using the visual below – then connect with your career coach to plan personalized next steps.
Evaluate where you are in your career journey

Learn the model


Career management is a lifelong journey we can help you navigate. Learning the steps of our Career Management Model is a great place to start. From Strategy and Market Research to Product Development and Operations, you will discover that resumes and interviews are small parts of a broader, successful plan.

  • 1. Strategy

    strategy Taking the space to explore and think about the life and professional experiences you have had to this point is an often overlooked first step. Successful career management begins with developing a strategy that involves taking the time to look backward and forward, so you can set a specific career goal that is attainable and fulfilling.

    Key elements:
    Assessment  |  Personal Career Decision Making  |  Career Action Plan (CAP)

  • 2. Market Research

    market researchOnce you have a career goal, performing market research is the process of exploring this more fully, getting information and details to test your thinking and coming to a commitment of how to action it in the marketplace.

    Key elements:
    Day to day: Function  |  Market position: Company  |  Trends: Industry  |  Location

  • 3. Product Development

    strategy Now you are ready to test your assumptions in the market, which is done in the product development stage. This will have you active in the market, meeting people, networking, conducting informational interviews and going deeper on the research you have already done on the industry, companies and roles you are exploring. This phase helps you get beyond easy-to-access research and draw more insight from meeting people, asking thoughtful questions and digging a little deeper.

    Key elements:
    Personal introduction  |  Networking & Informational Interviews  |  Executive Presence  |  Mentorship

  • 4. Operations

    strategyFrom there you operationalize your action plan with your marketing communications. This is the resumes, cover letters and interview stage of the process. The effort you put into the first three stages will help to ensure that this stage is less stressful and you are ready to compete confidently.

    Key elements:
    Cover letter  |  Resume  |  Interviewing  |  Offer Assessment  |  Online Profiles


Featured Resources

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