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Learn more about your future in global relations, politics, and law as a first-year student.

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There are many ways to explore careers, apply your skills, and pursue your dreams at W. P. Carey. Our global, political, and legal community will provide you with on-demand career support and direction at every stage of your career management journey. Bookmark this page and return throughout the year to see what you need to know (and do!) now and later. Here you’ll find resources, advice, events, personal connections, and other career opportunities — created and curated for first-year business law, global leadership, politics, language and culture, and public service students.

  • Business Law
    Learn about legal theories, explore ethical issues, and become well-versed in the regulatory climate affecting business policies and decisions. A W. P. Carey business degree in law gives you the tools you need to thrive in a variety of industries, ranging from new business ventures to corporate or agency compliance. Learn more: Career Fast Facts | W. P. Carey Advising | ASU Degree Search
  • Global Leadership
    Lead on a global scale and become fluent in cultural sensitivity and awareness. Graduate ready for opportunities in management, business development, politics, law, consulting, and international relations, and more. With your business degree from W. P. Carey, be prepared to contribute to the business world, and bridge cultural divides for centuries to come. Learn more: Career Fast Facts | W. P. Carey Advising | ASU Degree Search
  • Global Politics
    Launch a career in law, journalism, public relations, information analysis, market research, or campaign and issue management. Leverage strong leadership skills to overcome today’s challenges and help facilitate cooperation between, government, academia, and civil society with a business degree in global politics at W. P. Carey. Learn more: Career Fast Facts | W. P. Carey Advising | ASU Degree Search
  • Language and Culture
    Delivering in-depth language and cultural expertise in an area of your choosing, the W. P. Carey business degree in language and culture prepares you to lead on a global scale, and map your professional future across every country and industry imaginable. Learn to speak the language of business and pursue a world of opportunities when you graduate. Learn more: Career Fast Facts | W. P. Carey Advising | ASU Degree Search
  • Public Service and Public Policy
    Examine public service and public policy through multiple lenses, and address big challenges in a practical way. This W. P. Carey business degree prepares you to become a catalyst for change in your field of choice. Graduate ready to launch your career or embark on graduate programs in public administration, public policy, law, government, and nonprofit administration. Learn more: Career Fast Facts | W. P. Carey Advising | ASU Degree Search

Identify what’s now and next in your journey

Remember, career management is a lifelong process — and every effective plan starts with a thoughtful strategy. Learn more about career management at W. P. Carey, and the other key elements of your journey. This page includes relevant ways to move forward based on your current year and career path.


Featured Resources

These resources have been specifically curated to aid you in your career goal setting and job search.

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Alumni have the unique experience of navigating the program you're in and transitioning to the working world. In these articles, Alumni share their advice. Have a question for W. P. Carey Alumni? Submit it here.

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Joining student clubs and organizations comes with many benefits. Develop leadership skills, learn to work in a team, add new connections to your network, and more. To view club events, click on Learn more within each club listing. Club Leaders click here to request a career presentation.

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Explore targeted perspectives written for you by career experts. Updated throughout the year, this content is designed to match your current needs and delivered when you need it most.

Career Courses

Explore the curriculum that launches W. P. Carey careers. Timed and designed to align with your program of study, you will engage in courses that directly support your career confidence, capabilities, and prospects.

WPC 148 Intro to Career Development

Career Management Career Coach
Course Description: Building career skills, interests and strengths as a college student. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite(s): Business major; minimum 12 hours; Pre- or…